Busting Myths On Exercising During Your Periods

Women of all ages, sizes, and abilities benefit from participating in a variety of physical activities. Also being physically active assists women in attaining and maintaining a healthy weight, building strength, and achieving much-needed endurance to keep them going during periods[2].

How Do You Choose Your Workout?

Light Exercising

-The first few days of a period can be the most painful because women tend to bleed a lot during this time. That is why gentle movements and exercises should be prioritized. According to one study, women who engage in aerobic exercises like walking and running experience a decline in PMS symptoms.


Exercise during menstruation improves mood and increases blood circulation. Also, exercise can help with cramps, headaches, and back pain associated with menstruation.

Yoga and Pilates

– Yoga can act like a medicine and help relieve symptoms such as cramping, breast tenderness, muscular fatigue, and soreness by calming the body. Pilates, which is a more gentle form of exercise strengthens the body and can be an ideal exercise while on period. Pilates is more effective than aerobic exercise in reducing stress and balancing brain chemicals, as well as relieving physical and psychological symptoms of PMS[3].

Strength Training

– It is a fantastic form of activity for the time when the period date is due. Research has proven that strength training during the follicular phase can help increase the strength of bones, muscles, and connective tissues.

Workouts during the period should not put an additional burden on the body and cause pain, or disrupt the period cycle. While doing any type of work inside or outside the home, it is strongly advised to use pads, menstrual cups, and tampons and maintain good menstrual hygiene.

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