Desi Summer drinks , Avoid Packed Drinks

Our traditional drinks are healthier, a lot more refreshing and perfect for our summer. Once you could find them on the road side kiosks. They lost in time to Colas/ packaged juices for mainly hygiene concerns. Hope someone brings them back. Here are some of the vintage quenchers.

Sardaee: Made with poppy seeds, almonds and milk, this is the perfect foil for the summer heat. Cardamom is added for fragrance and flavour.

Sugarcane juice: Naturally sweet and unbeatable when taken with a hint of lemon and ginger. Available at Hyperstar.

Sattu: Remarkably refreshing and is a mixture of ground barley dissolved in water sweetened with with jaggery (unrefined brown sugar). Sattu & Gur easily available on a grocery shop.

Bazoori and Sandal: Bazoori is made from Kasni which comes from the Daisy family. Sandal comes from Sandalwood. Both are typically downed with Basil seeds (Tukham Malanga) and Gond Katira (tree gum), with known health benefits. Qarshi and Marhaba offer these but can’t match ones made by an old school Hakeem.

Tamarind & Plum: Imlee aur Aloo Bukhara … fav. Tamarind and dry plums are soaked overnight in water before adding sugar and ice. It is a great tasting cooler marrying tartness and sweetness.

Kanjee: Made with Red carrots and spices, it is not sweet. Extremely refreshing, the blood red color of the drink stands out. Mums can make it at home.

Shakanjbeen: Ice cold water laced with generous squirts of fresh lemon juice and a pinch of black salt. Loaded with vitamin C, this is still made in lot of homes in summer.

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