How Vision is Stored in the Brain Map?

Brain maps of our visual world have been finally deciphered by scientists at the State University of New York College of Optometry, as published in the journal Nature Communications.

Our brains have multiple maps that are needed to plan our movements, navigate our environments, and perceive the world through our senses. Among such areas, the primary visual area of the cerebral cortex (brain) forms an intricate representation of multiple stimulus dimensions — an exploratory subject to the scientific community.

‘New study provides detailed brain maps of the visual world — an opportunity to understand the formations, organization, and functioning of the brain mapping.’

The Visual Brain Maps

The study team thereby proposes a theory for explaining the diversity of visual maps in nature (that emerges from variations in the sampling density of visual space) and the origin of pinwheel patterns in orientation maps (due to maximization process of input clusters of cortical neurons).

Hence, the theory of brain map formation serves as an important first step towards a greater milestone due to its prediction of topographic relation and representation of stimulus dimensions. However, further exploration is required to propose accurate maps of the human brain.

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