Increase in Infertility Due to Planet Damage by Man

There is a hidden cost of human development and each step causes pathogenic spillover with viruses moving from one species to another and with rapid international travel endemic diseases become pandemic very quickly.

Most of the zoonotic diseases where a bacterium or virus jumps from an animal to a human occur in high-income countries. Most emerging diseases will be zoonotic.

So, humans who commit the greatest damage to planet life should also rectify it by living in harmony with nature, she added.

Commending SRIHER for launching MCh in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery for the first time in India in 2012 she said with changes in lifestyle there will be futuristic and ethical implications that should be kept in mind.

Dr. N.Sanjeeva Reddy who pioneered this course in SRIHER said many of the 14 MCh graduates so far spread all over India have started their own infertility centers bringing relief to childless couples.

Source: Medindia

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