Low-dose Morphine Can Help Lung Disease Patients To Sleep Better

,” says Dr Altree.

In order to reduce breathlessness, doctors often prescribe low-dose morphine to people with COPD. It can be very effective, but we really don’t fully understand how the drug actually improves breathing.

One way we think it works is by improving sleep quality, which has flow-on effects for breathlessness the next day.”

This study follows the work done at Flinders University by Professor David Currow, a world expert on breathlessness, whose research led to morphine being licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia for chronic breathlessness in 2019.

Dr Altree says that the results of this study will have important implications for the way doctors treat COPD in the future.

For the first time ever, this study will show the specific effects that morphine has on sleep in COPD. If we are to develop better treatments for breathlessness in the future, we need to answer these key questions about sleep and breathing in COPD.”

Source: Medindia

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