Mantras of Being a Super Mom

This survey aims to learn about mothers’ mantras for ‘doing it all’, as well as what they do to de-stress. As many as 76%of moms polled agree that the daily juggling act is the root cause of their stress.

Household responsibilities (24% ), followed by a lack of time for themselves (20% ), and simply exhaustion due to a lack of sleep (19% ) are the top stressors, according to moms.

Contrary to popular belief, only 5% of moms said their stress was caused by a lack of spousal support, indicating an increased awareness among young fathers to contribute to household chores and child care.

Moms have their own mantra to manage this as the CEO — Chief Everything Officer of her family. As many as 50% of moms say they’ve learned to manage it all by aiming for happiness rather than perfection.

The solution to doing it all is to focus on getting the job done rather than trying for perfection. Despite the guilt that may accompany it, 28% say that prioritizing self-care helps them center themselves. Preparing and planning ahead of time, according to 22%, helps them face the next day with calm.

Power of Super Moms

Moms enjoy sharing, and the majority, 52 %, say that talking to someone they trust puts them in a good mood. As many as 21% say taking a break from the daily juggle and getting away helps them de-stress, while 15% say engaging in recreational activities with their children does.

Moms who responded to the survey clearly lean on their own mothers as venting partners. While 42% of moms say they rely on their own mother to vent and as a support system, 35% say they find solace in their friends.

This, without a doubt, has a positive impact on mental health, which moms polled say is an underserved issue. An overwhelming majority — 49% – agree that moms’ mental health does not get the attention it deserves due to a lack of understanding of mental health issues and societal expectations of what perfect motherhood should look like!

Happiness, and not Perfection: The Key

Shaveta Gupta, Head-Content & Community, Mylo, says, “This Mother’s Day, Mylo tried to unravel how millennial mothers successfully do-it-all placing equal stock on family, personal achievement, and success.

The mantra is distinct and straightforward-mothers aim for happiness, not perfection. The goal isn’t to be a perfect mom and accomplish all tasks; but to (prioritize, plan and) be happy from the inside out — as happy moms raise happy families.”

Mylo surveyed 2000 moms in their community across India for this survey, with 68% aged between 20 and 30 years, and 32% aged between 30-35 years. The majority of respondents are mothers (54% ) and pregnant women (39%). As many as 7% of mothers have toddlers. 64% of all respondents are stay-at-home mothers.

It has also launched a new digital campaign in honor of Mother’s Day that recognizes every mother’s role as CEO? Chief Everything Officer.

The campaign is an emotional and hard-hitting film that depicts a husband recognizing his wife’s role as a mom who does it all, despite the fact that her hands are full with a new baby.

Source: IANS

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