Oral Cancer Awareness Month 2022 — ‘Early Screening Is Vital’

The death rate associated with oral cancer is high because it is being discovered at a late stage. Don’t worry, oral cancer doesn’t come to develop suddenly. There are warning signs and possible causes that increase the likelihood of developing oral cancer.(

If you see any of these signs or symptoms, schedule an appointment with your dentist.(

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

If you want to protect yourself from oral cancer, here are a few risk factors to know about:
Regular Tobacco Use— Tobacco contains dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals that increase the risk of oral cancer. Even if you’ve been using tobacco for years, quit right now to have a positive impact on your oral health.

Gender— Studies have shown that men are twice as likely to be affected by oral cancer as women. So, men can combat this risk by visiting their
dentist for regular check-ups
and taking good care of their oral health.

Presence of Human Papillomavirus— Human
papillomavirus, or HPV
, is a sexually transmitted infection that increases the risk of developing certain cancers. One among them is oral cancer. This happens for both men and women(5 Trusted Source
Oral Cancer

Go to source).

Don’t wait any longer. In the spirit of oral cancer awareness month, be proactive about your oral health, and get checked today.

Screening for oral cancer takes less than 10 minutes. Invest your time wisely this April with your dentist. Always prevention is better than cure.


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