Smoking May Be Injurious To Even Bones And Teeth

Expressing concerns about rising smoking habits among women, she said that it may result in infertility, cases of which are also rising these days. Also, smoking may lead to premature birth.

People generally think that smoking affects the lungs only, but the case is different, it affects every part and is one of the important risk factors for growing numbers of cases related to autoimmune diseases, Kumar said while speaking on the prevention of deaths caused by tobacco on the occasion of World Health Day.

The event was organized by Tobacco Free India.

Dr. Vishal Rao of HCG, Bangalore said that the reason for the rapidly increasing cases of oral cancer in India is tobacco products.

To save the lives of 13 lakh Indians annually, it is need of the hour that the strictness on tobacco products should be increased, said eminent economist and BJP’s national spokesperson Gopal Krishna Agarwal.

Source: IANS

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