Tamil Nadu to Hold Mega COVID Vaccination Camp on June 12

The state has already commenced using television, radio, and newspapers to advertise the mega vaccine camp and the necessity to take the jab.

Popular Tamil television stars are also being roped in to spread awareness of the necessity of vaccination, given the slight increase in the number of Covid-19 cases across the country.


The department said that it has 99,56,665 doses of vaccine in stock and that this would be enough for the mega drive.

Mega Vaccination Camp

It has also already prepared a list of people who are yet to take the vaccine, and now the onus will be on health workers at the primary health centers to conduct door-to-door campaigns to inoculate the listed persons.

The department further said that the second dose of vaccine to children aged 12-14 would be administered once the schools in the state reopen after the summer vacations.

Most of them are scheduled to open on June 13.

While speaking to IANS, state Health Minister Ma Subramanian said: “The state government is conducting a mega vaccine camp on June 12 against Covid-19. There will be 1 lakh centers for the people to avail vaccination, and I appeal to the people of the state and those who have not taken the jab to make use of the opportunity and get themselves inoculated. ”

When asked about the rising number of cases, the Minister said that the government will not go for stringent measures now, but people must adhere to Covid-19 protocols.

He said that people must wear masks, maintain social distancing, and sanitize and wash their hands properly.

Source: IANS

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