Vietnam is the New International Destination for Medical Training

Vietnam has grown as one of the ideal natures, diverse cultures, and amiable citizens in recent years. Moreover, with the steady development of education, Vietnam has become one of the primary choices for many international students looking to study abroad.

In May 2022, Hong Bang International University (HIU) accepted more than 30 Indian students who came to Vietnam for a Bachelor’s degree in medical study entirely in English.

The program development is based upon the Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Health standards. At the same time, it reformed the medical training programs of advanced countries globally. There is a total of six years with twelve semesters.

Language Is No More A Barrier To Education In Vietnam

Earlier the language barrier was one of the difficulties for Vietnam in accepting international scholars. Nowadays, this struggle is gradually unleashed when many Universities contribute numerous elite educational programs or connect to many international programs fully in English.

Besides the crew of medic professors and the modern infrastructure, a comprehensive English program is one of the favorite things for many international students.

In the past ten years, reminding international students to come to Vietnam for admission or graduation has been a peculiar occasion.

However, it changed when domestic education reached a higher position. Instead of studying abroad, many young colleagues prefer the complete English programs or other international affiliated programs with an affordable cost cheaper than ten times.

Getting the Vietnamese Advantage

Besides learning in lectures and clinics, international scholars will also have opportunities to learn Vietnamese and other remarkable Vietnamese cultures.

Students could intern at many affiliated medical facilities such as hospital FV, hospital Thong Nhat, hospital Cho Ray, hospital Nguyen Trai, etc.

At the same time, they will also have opportunities to work on other community practical learnings when they join these projects, including the eye exam and dental care programs for high school students.

Studying in Vietnam will not only teach about skills but also how to love and sacrifice. So, in the future, when they step outside of the world, they can confidently stand with their heads held high and feel proud.

HIU is a multi-majors University. The school comprises various programs and majors, including Health Science concentrates on principal sectors, such as Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Nursing, Rehabilitation Techniques, Medical Examiner, etc.

Those are currently training in thirty-six Vietnamese and English programs and affiliating worldwide in most essential sectors needed for social development.

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