World Sleep Day 2022 — “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World”

(physically, mentally, and emotionally) and aiding in better focus.

The day also counteracts the social myth that sleep may not be an important factor in a person’s health and therefore underscores the burden of sleep problems through its medical education.

Overall, the theme for 2022 infers sleep as a foundational stake towards general well-being (both physical and mental).

Annual Event Organization

World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society organizes the annual event intending to foster better management strategies of sleep disorders, thereby preventing its burden to society.

Officially, the day has been hosted as an annual observance by the World Sleep Society since 2008.

Sleep — A Priority to Overall Health!

Sleep is considered a human privilege, which is now compromised drastically with modern life habits.

Often, the scientific community of sleep medicine (professionals and researchers) has come up with enough evidence to engrave the priority of sleep for personal health and well-being.

Volunteers all around the globe including media and celebrities organize several activities for World Sleep Day to advocate awareness for sleep health. Together, the global message on sleep endures every year.

Fun Facts on Sleep

  • Did you know that almost 12% of people have only black and white dreams.
  • On average, around one-third of human life is spent sleeping.
  • The difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning is termed dysania.
  • Data indicates that people have even committed crimes/murders during parasomnia (unnatural movements during sleep).
  • Ever felt the sensation of falling and jerking yourself when half asleep? Well, you have just experienced ‘hypnic jerks.’
  • National Sleep Foundation notes that nearly 15% of the people are sleepwalkers.
  • The longest record for the sleepless period is 11 days.
  • Your sleeping positions may help reveal your personality; it is believed that 41% of the Britishers adapt to fetal position during their sleep.
  • Sleep can be more essential than food; it is found that sleep deprivation may induce faster mortality than food deprivation.

Get on board the sleep journey for better health by spreading social awareness on sleep using the hashtag #WorldSleepDay.


  1. World Sleep Day® is March 18, 2022
  2. World Sleep Day 2022
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