Medicated Best pedicure Method..

once i got infection on my feet. its terrible that my skin split like a leaf.. then i went to a dr. he gave me best pedicure method. which i follow till now. its best to kill 99.9% germs from yoir feel. make your feet so much neat. you can feel that your feet start very neat glowing. now lets share the remedie.


  • Lestrine Mouth Wash(available on any nearest medical store of grocery shop) 2 full Caps
  • Warm Water full bucket
  • Pink himalyan salt:2 full tbsp
  • Coconut oil :1tbsp.


put all ingredients in a luke warm water then mix it and put your feet approx 30min in it.

Scrub method

  • Anti bacterial Hand wash
  • Suger :1tbsp

Take hand wash in your hand then theb mix a suger in it then scrub your fit approx 15 min then wash it. you will see the amazing results after it.

Love your feet 💕💋❤️

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