This New Kia Seats 11 People So, Go Ahead And Bring The Entire Family For A Ride

Big family? Heck, now days if you have more than 2 kids it’s likely you are needing a bigger car such as an SUV or Van.


Well, Kia not only has you covered, but they are giving you enough room to bring Grandma, Grandpa and weird Uncle Kyle along too.


Okay, in reality, it’s actually considered a Mini Van but it does have 11 seats among 4 rows (most SUV’s and mini vans only have 3 rows).


Obviously, with the 4th row you literally have no cargo space but hey, at least you soccer moms can haul around the entire soccer team, right?

It is called the Kia Carnival and is a mini van with an SUV-inspired design meaning it looks more like an SUV than a van.

The fourth row seems to be quite small so good for children or small adults but you can also entirely lay it flat inside of the car for additional cargo.


Aside from being able to haul around a small carnival (see what I did there?) it has several fancy features that makes this pretty hard to pass up.

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