How to prevent from Heat Stroke?

You know now a days its very common to get heat stroke.

symptoms of heat stroke are

  • Headcue
  • Migrane
  • vomits
  • body shiver
  • loss of memory
  • itching in eyes
  • unable to control on your mood
  • irritation
  • and much more…

now i am going to tell you that how you secure yourself from heat stroke 🔥

  • Take lots of water 💦
  • take shower two times a day 🚿
  • avoid AC it gives you dryness, and cause of muscular pains and body swelling
  • use water cooler Fan because its air is moist and cool your room in a positive way. 🌀
  • if you use motor bicycle 🚲 or simple bicycle then cover your head with wet towel.

Take yourself, Stay Home Stay Safe

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