Nowadays, if you eat junk food, you are expected to have gastric problems; if gastric comes, then apparent constipation comes. So now I will tell you how you cure it with natural food. What you eat, what not to eat.

Not to Eat if you have constipation.

Avoid peas, rice, potato, red meat, and bakery items (bread, cakes, rusk etc.). These are the primary food which causes gas in your stomach or disturbs liver function. That’s why your stool becomes hard and causes constipation.

What to eat?

High-fibre foods like husk, fruits, and liquids are the best things to eat to avoid constipation.

How can I get my constipation out?

  • Exercise is the best remedy because moving your bowl relieves you.
  • Start taking high fibre like a husk.
  • Massage with olive oil on the abdomen area.
  • Put two drops of olive oil on your belly button. It will penetrate your belly nerves and relax your bowel movement. It also decreases your weight.
  • If you feel that nothing happened, then take antibiotic medicine.
  • Pineapple Juice is the best remedy for hard bowls.

When should I be concerned about constipation?

5 Best Remedies to cure Constipation

You should call your doctor if you have severe pain, blood in your stools, or constipation that lasts longer than three weeks. If bleeding starts, then it goes to piles which are so painful. It mainly causes your daily routine life-changing diet.

What are the signs of a blocked bowel?

  • Pains in the abdomen area.
  • uncomfortable feelings
  • Loss of appetite
  • feels, and swelling in the abdomen area.
  • Feel vomit, but vomit doesn’t come.
  • Bowel movement disables or feels gas in your belly.

5 Remedies to cure naturally

  • Apple Vinegar: Take apple cider vinegar 1tea spoon in 1 glass of normal water after every meal. Take it for seven days, then skip three days, then again for seven days. It will lose weight and normalise the stomach and liver function; if you have kidney stones, it also helps to remove those stones naturally.
  • Psyllium Husk: Take one tablespoon of husk two times a day because it’s full of fibre which helps to reduce your weight and normalise bowel movements. It works as anti blockage of your bowel movement.
  • Walk: Start a daily 30min walk, which is necessary for bowel movements. If you sit long hours on a chair, then it is also the leading cause of constipation.
  • Diet Control: Improve your diet plans, focus on what you eat and avoid all types of junk foods and bakery products that will be the leading cause of constipation.
  • Chew your food accurately; more chewing means the stomach and liver get relaxation while digesting.
  • Water: Drink a ton. Juices, water, tea, and espresso count toward your water consumption. Individuals with standard solid discharges should go for the gold 64 to 80 ounces (eight to 10 glasses) of water daily. The people who will quite often be clogged up ought to drink more.
  • Fibre: If you can’t get sufficient fibre from food, converse with your primary care physician about an enhancement. Significant enhancements to attempt to incorporate Metamucil®, Citrucel® or Benefiber®.

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