Being Newly pregnant can be confusing: Nausea and mood swings can make you feel low. but there is no need to worry. we will explain you.

Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy

  • No period
  • Slight Spotting
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Mood Swings
  • Frequent Low trips
  • Tiredness
  • Change in food habits
  • Morning Sickness
  • Heart Burn
  • Heightened sense of smell
  • Giddiness
  • Backpain
  • Hunger Pangs
  • Headcue

Changes in the body During the initial month of pregnancy

  1. Increase in Breast size due to hormonal changes in the breast tissues.
  2. Your nipples and Arora may turn bigger and dark.
  3. You may experience increased vaginal discharge.
  4. You may feel bloated and your clothes may feel a little tight around the waist.
  5. You may experience occasional spotting (however not all women experience this).
  6. You may feel dingy and dizzy.
  7. You may feel lethargic and tired.

Tips to Take care of yourself

Parental Care

You may start with a parental care routine, which should include taking your supplements.

Parental Appointments

You may start planning for your parental appointments with your doctor. you may also take references from family and friends for the doctor and choose wisely.

Choosing a Caregiver

You may also like to choose a caregiver carefully. Take recommendations from friends and family for the same.

Refrain from Self Medication

it is suggested that you do not take any over-the-counter medicine before consulting your doctor.

  • Stay hydrated during pregnancy, as dehydration may lead to complications. Alternatively, you may drink choose juices and soups.
  • The changing hormones lead to constipation. therefore you should at fibrous food like legumes, leafy vegetables, cereals and sprouts.
  • you should do mild exercise to help your body modify properly during pregnancy.
  • Your body is undergoing lots of changes, therefore get ample rest and sleep.